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About Oopsie Heroes - Product information

Oopsie Heroes - Bedwetting alarm for kids 

The small and comfortable Oopsie Heroes Plus bedwetting sensor can be easily attached to any underwear or pyjama pants. As soon as a leak has been detected, it sends out a harmless audio signal to the app which will then awaken your child using an alarm which can be selected by yourself.

Within 6-12 weeks of using Oopsie Heroes, your child will be free from nighttime accidents and waking up dry!


- Small & comfortable
- Automatic logging of events
- Different alarm sounds
- Personalised Parent Voice Alarm (use voice of the parents as the alarm sound)
- Motivating and fun
- No Bluetooth signals
- Choose between a boy or a girl character

What is in the package?

- Oopsie Heroes Plus Bedwetting sensor 
- 7 sheets of sensor stickers to attach the sensor (±56 nights)
- Oopsie Heroes Manual
- Free access to the Oopsie Heroes App (Android & iOS)

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